About Us

Paper Tiger is an Aussie based health and wellness duo offering Balance Breaks and health media.

We know how it feels to work too hard and struggle to find balance. Paper Tiger was born from the desire to bring more balance in our own lives, and to share our journey along the way. There’s 3 main areas of our business based on our philosophy:


TRIPS: Balance Breaks in Sri Lanka +  Austalia.
These are not just another ‘retreat’ – it’s about good food, great company, loads
of activities and of course – a few cocktails!

: With more than 15 years media production between us, we pride
ourselves on producing quality content – video and print.


Are not preachers

Despise cockroaches

Love good food and red red wine

Will never stop dancing

Are not fitness freaks or fanatics

Laugh as hard as humanly possible, mostly at ourselves

And never stop dreamin’

Who the hell are we?

Profile shots are courtesy of @atdusk photography – check him out at www.atdusk.com.au

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