Who is Paper Tiger?


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Health Journalist + Health Coach

Casey is an established health journalist, TV presenter and health coach. Most recently she was co-host of Everyday Health TV on Channel 10! She is also health educator for FreshEd – a health education program for teens in Australia. Want to see her in action? Check out her showreel here.

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Pilates Instructor and Producer

Jenna is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor, BOXILATES™ creator and avid surfer. Her passion lies in helping others improve body function and movement through taking a more holistic approach, including energy healing (she’s also a Reiki Level 2 practitioner).

Paper Tiger is an Aussie based health and wellbeing duo offering retreats (Balance Breaks) and health media. We know how it feels to work too hard and struggle to find the balance between our professional and personal lives. We make mistakes, (try to) learn from them, and like you, we’re growing and changing every day.

Let’s face it – perfect ‘life balance’? It’s a constant battle. But to us, balance is about being strong and supple, tough and loving, clever and kind – all at the same time. Life is an ongoing obstacle course of reinvention and you have the right to continuous self-improvement, while being OK with your contradictions and imperfections.

So take your piece of paper, then colour it, fold it, cut it, scrunch it and make it into whatever you like. As far as we’re concerned, you’re allowed to origami the sh*t out of yourself again, and again, and again… Why? Well, because life’s short. And we want to get the most we can out of it. Agreed? Good – you’re our type of Tiger.



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