Boxilates – your kick starter to winter

Long day at the office? A fight with your partner? Mummy dramas? We feel you. Sometimes our to-do list feels more like a novel and sometimes, we just want to give that novel a swift backhand outta here.

Add to that our desire to hit the gym or exercise after work so we can feel like we’ve got our waistlines and mental health under control , but honestly, although the intention is there, we rarely make it, opting for a glass of red and half a block of Lindt Mint Intense!


Now winter is arriving, the hunger to keep our fitness on track may fade just as far underneath the bed covers as we will. Don’t let yourself get into a fitness rut this snow season, get inside and put them dukes up with a BOXILATES class!

Boxing is hard, tiring, sweaty and well, pretty damn satisfying actually – no wonder those Victoria Secret models regularly get in the ring.

Aside from the flat abs, improved energy and stress release, boxing is an amazing whole body workout– and did we mention a 30-minute session burns more than 300 calories? betcha-didn’t-know-that!

Combine this high intensity heart racer with the strengthening practice of Pilates and you’ve got one kicker of a workout.

Boxilates is a fusion of Mat Pilates and Fitness Boxing. It’s an interval style workout that marries the benefits of Pilates for leaner, longer muscles and the cardio of boxing.

Think improved posture, a stronger core, increased flexibility, mobility and overall wellbeing – yes please!

Developed by our own JKruz, who is trained in Mauy Thai and Boxing as well as being an experienced Pilates instructor for a number of years, you can be sure this workout punches all the right bags.

Paper Tiger-11

Like you need any more motivation to hit something? Classes in Sydney are open to all levels in Bondi (we’ve moved into a studio to keep you dry this winter!) and Waterloo, and soon to be Perth!

Or better yet, become a trained Boxilates Instructor and bring this incredible fusion to your own network!

The adrenaline released from a Boxilates session gets the happy feels vibing, but it’s also the most productive way to let go of the tension that builds up from, well, life really.

Best of all, Boxilates can be adapted to ANY fitness level, including pre and postnatal women. It can be the kick starter you need, or the challenge you crave.

Go on Tiger, get out there and show us your best right hook.

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