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We feel pretty damn fortunate to have stumbled across these guys. They’re a couple of home grown mental health heroes in our opinion – so we sat the divine Sam Webb down for a chat… WATCH THE VIDEO for the full story or read our blog post below…



Q: Tell us about your journey and how LIVIN came about?

LIVIN was co founded by myself and one of my best mates Casey Lyons in honour of a great man and our best mate – Dwayne Lally. Like many before him, he took his own life after struggling with a mental illness. LIVIN is all about LIVIN your life at the top, taking the stigma away from mental illness and supporting and inspiring each another to talk about our feelings, issues and problems based on our motto “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”.

Q: How do men and women deal with mental health issues differently?

Guys feel like they have to put on this masculine front – so they mask their emotions and often turn to drugs, alcohol and even violence because they don’t have an ‘out’. Girls talk about things more, they’ll often get upset and seek help when they need it. Guys hide what they’re going through and so what people see – and what they tend to get diagnosed with – is drug and alcohol or aggression issues – when usually that’s just a side effect of what they’re going through mentally and emotionally.

Women are more frequently diagnosed with mental health problems but the suicide rate is twice as high in men. We want (talking about mental health) to be like “I broke my arm, I’ve got diabetes, I’ve got anxiety or depression” – they’re all the same. We need to lose this ‘get over it’ mentality with men.

Q: Being ‘healthy’ means so many things, and mental health is a strong component of how we approach our daily lives, what’s your advice to someone dealing with a mental health issue?

– Speak up! Talk about it, tell someone how you feel and go from there

– Look for warning signs in yourself and in others – change of mood, eating and sleeping patterns, or a shift in motivation

– Don’t avoid regular GP checkups

– Stay active and healthy because that promotes self-esteem and feeling good about yourself

Q: When we talk about mental health people think about conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar etc. If you consider on a more general that if you’re not ‘sick’, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ‘well’ – how can we apply that to mental health from a preventative perspective?

I use training and a balanced lifestyle to help keep me on track. We need to start educating and enforcing at a young age the education side of things – start making young men and women feel like they can talk about how they’re feeling because it is okay to not be okay!

I used to run 10-15km in the middle of the night just to try and feel good – I use exercise as an anti-depressant and I would love to be able to share that with others, and that’s part of our philosophy –A healthy LIVIN = a healthy mind.

We can lead a horse to water but we can’t make it drink – I can’t make someone see a psychologist or a doctor, all I can do is make them feel like it’s OK to go and see those guys and give them every opportunity to feel accepted and worthy of the life they have.

Q: In your daily life, how do you:

Eat Well? I eat pretty well, but I like to treat myself too. I don’t want to eat broccoli every night and be miserable. I’m addicted to chocolate – I have it every night.

Move More? Allocate yourself time every day to do it, I can promise you it’ll only reward you with benefits in terms of the way you feel. No matter what I do in my life I always make time for exercise – running, boxing. I make time to train – always.

Live Better? Work life balance – everything is all about balance and you’ve gotta make time for yourself. I’ve got to make more time for myself – I’m burning out at the moment! But I can identify it, so that’s the main thing.

Q: How important is holiday time for mental health? Where’s your favourite place to take a ‘Balance Break’ and why?

My favourite destination is Mexico – I go every year, I love it! I always make time for a holiday. Cable Beach in Broome would be cool, I definitely need to explore more of Australia.

Q: You’ve got an active wear range coming out, when and where can we get our paws on it?

Ever since we started LIVIN I wanted to do an active wear range – similar to Lorna Jane but focused on males. It’s for females too – they’re not getting left out! It just fits really well with our philosophy – quality workout gear that promotes fitness, wellbeing, LIVIN and mental health. We’re just getting everything organised offshore – so as soon as it’s ready to go you’ll be the first to know!

Q: Do you have a personal mantra (or any motto/affirmation/belief that you apply to your every day)?

PPP – Positive, persistent, patient. I’m the most persistent person you’ll ever meet and trying to stay positive will help maintain a healthy mind.

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