Summer Sesh

We’re all about ‘balance’ here in Tiger land, and around Christmas we know it can be challenging to get keep up our health and fitness routine (or make it a priority!). Let your hair down and enjoy this festive season, don’t beat yourself up for eating meringue, or drinking a few too many spritzers – instead focus on being present amongst family and friends and having a seriously good time.

We embrace training outdoors when the sun is shining, with sunrise our favourite time to up the heart rate, sweat and tone, so to help you get back on track post Christmas, here is our quick Summer workout that gets your heart rate up and focus on the abdominals.


Light jog

Standing Pilates roll downs

Plank to Pike

Low lunge and hip opener


Complete the following series 3 x times, each time adding on another 5 reps:

  • Ab curl with single tabletop leg (10 x L + 10 x R)
  • Ab curl with double table top legs (10)
  • Obliques single leg stretch + pulses (10 x L + 10 x R)
  • Rolling like a ball (5)
  • Mountain climbers (20)
  • Pilates burpees (10)
  • Side plank with hip lifts (10 x L + 10 x R)

And voila, Christmas pud = GONE.

Wishing you a divine summer Tiger!


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