Work OUT!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to get out of the studio, gym, house and take advantage of the amazing sunlight, fresh air and abundant nature of the outdoors. Not sure where to start? Here are our top 5 outdoor activities to try this Spring…

1. Surfing

Yes, you’ll still need that wetsuit, but now the sun rises earlier and sets a little later and the water temp is less than arctic, so you really have no excuse not to tick this off your bucket list (apart from the odd shark). It’s the best way to start or end your day, even for beginners! Expect a full body workout (say goodbye to bingo wings, after paddling for an hour you’ll be struggling to lift your morning cino) and get back in touch with mother nature – the ocean really does feed the soul. Need a lesson? Surfing Australia has a list of surf camps around the country, you can hire a board via Bodypass or Classpass too! For a female only experience, Venue Goes Gidget provides lessons and trips for surf goddesses of all levels.

Surf Group

2. Beach Volleyball

Sand between your toes, salt in your hair, nothing beats it. Then there’s the burn in your legs after running around on a beach for half an hour! Increase your coordination and fitness level by trying your hand at beach volleyball (and heck, even whack on a crop and bikini bottoms to work on that tan!). It’s fun, social and you’ll burn more calories than a spin class. Find your local social beach volleyball association like Beach VA and get working on that serve.


3. Skating

Skateboarding is having a bit of a resurgence of late, and we’re totally loving it. A simple deck and wheel set up is all you need to get you from A to B – we suggest hitting the pavement with a mate and getting coastal. Avoid any large hills as speed wobbles = no fun. Expect to a strong burn through your legs and glutes, it’s also great for your core! Discover skate parks and places to roll, and kit yourself out with a custom deck from Livid (featuring designs from up and coming artists).


4. Hiking

What technically turns a ‘walk’ into a ‘hike’ involves decent walking shoes and a distance greater than 5km + hills! This time of year is the BEST for exploring our beautiful parklands, mountains and coastal walks. It’s not too hot and the native flora and fauna are coming into full bloom. Not sure where to start? Check out the Great Walks of Australia and give your credit card a thrashing in in Kathmandu. Leave the phone at home and experience the natural beauty of this fine land of ours.

Hikers with backpacks walking through a meadow with lush grass

5. Horse Riding

There’s something about riding a horse that makes you feel empowered and strong. Experiencing life on horseback takes you back to how life was before all of the technology, cars and craziness of today existed. Connect with your four legged friend, allow them to take you on a journey and slow things down. For a heart rate boost and inner thigh workout, get into a canter or gallop (cue scene from The Man from Snowy River). Hit up your local horse riding school or tour group or jump online – you won’t regret it.


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